Who We Are

   We are breeders of the South African Boerboel and we are dedicated to breeding pure bred Boerboel’s. We breed to keep the breed what it is and to promote better health where needed. We believe the Boerboel to be the best family guard dog in the world and are great for personal protection as well as working or pulling, hunting or even show.

   We have decided that we have a lot to offer the breed as far as its quality of breeding and by helping people to learn about this breed of dog. We also believe this breed of dog to be the best guard dog in the world period. Furthermore we do not support any kind of dog violence such as abuse or pit fighting. We know that dogs have a lot to offer a family in the way of love and this breed is like a sponge when it comes to wanting love. 

   The boerboel is one of the most loyal dogs in the world and has never been known to turn on its owners unless being beaten or mishandled. Our hope is that the Boerboel replaces the other aggressive dogs as the main stay in America and believe this will save lives and unnecessary injury. In the canine world the Boerboel is supreme, meaning it has no equal.  So with this information in mind you can rest assured that the Boerboel can and is capable of protecting you from any dog or animal in the world. We do believe in a great guard dog capable of performing this task, and the Boerboel is just that dog.

   The Boerboel is first and foremost a great family dog that can be trusted with any member of the family. The Boerboel is the only dog breed in the world bred specifically for the purpose of family protection. The Boerboel was bred for the sole purpose of protection for more than 350 years by the Boer Farmers of South Africa. While part wild and part domestic the Boerboel is loyal unlike a wolf or a half wolf German Sheppard mix. While expensive and rare it is the idea of a great dog!

   Above is a picture of our male stud dog Ranger, Ranger is a mighty boerboel with enormous raw power. I have been around many breeds of large and powerfull dogs in my life however, never have I ever seen a dog with the power of a boerboel. The boerboel is the king of all dogs simply because a boerboel has the athletic ability and body strength as well as the stongest jaw bite strength of any breed of dog and as strong as any canines in the world. If you ask any breeder this they can tell you first hand that a boerboel is the most powerfull dog they have ever seen in terms of over all strength and jaw bite power.  

   We do not sell to known dog fighters or those suspected of dog fighting. We will not sell to someone who is abusive or suspected of abusing animals. Abuse and dog fighting are simply not tolerated and never supported.

                                     ***This is Gods Dog***                                   

                         Our motto is: Treat the dog right and the dog will treat you Right

                                             We are located in Azle Texas in the U.S.A. 


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