Gurantee is offered according to the bloodline and will be puplished on this website


                                                      Our Guarantee

                                                 (We will meet any guarantee in the U.S.A.) 

   We issue a 3 year written health guarantee that covers just about everything except any disease which can be transmitted from one animal to another. We also offer a full one year shots free or on us deal. We guarantee your Boerboel to be full blooded and will come with papers or birth certificate. All dogs will be prescreened by a veterinarian and will be up to date on all shots before departure. 

                                       ***We also guarantee against Ectropian and cherry eye***

   Why a 3 year guarantee you might ask, within 1 year you will know if there are any problems with your boerboel that need to be addressed by us. However this is not true with the heart. 

                                                                   Our Best Guarrantee 

                This is a 3 year health guarantee that covers everything the boerboel could be born with both phisical and virus !!!

               ***This includes a temperment gurrantee on the temperment of the puppies***

                                                                 Our Limited Guarantee 

                This is a 1 year health guarantee that covers most anything phisical the dog can be born with but not bent tale, cherry eye or crop eye and Does not cover virus, disease or sickness.

                                                                    Life Time Guarantee

  We will meet such guarantees however this type of guarantee will cost what the breeder is charging and it will not be combined with our guarantee. This guarantee and our 3 year guarantee are different types of guarantee's and if you want our guarantee then you will pay for it on a seperate bases. Just because a guarantee is longer does not mean it is a better guarantee.

   After comparing our guarantee to any other guarantee we think you will agree that we offer as good if not better of a guarantee then any breeder of this breed in the world and or in the U.S.A.. 

   In fact we believe our full gurantee is the best guarantee of any breed of dog bred any where in the world because it covers everything including such things as allergies and cherry eye and we have never found any breeder any where in the world that is willing to put up such a guarantee on any breed of dog. 

   If you find any breeder that offers such a guarantee or better on any breed of dog then please E-mail us and let us know.    


                                                                    Naming your puppy

   All puppies must have a birth certificate and as a result will be named by us on paper and will include our kennel name. This is not only a custom among Boerboel breeders it also shows where the boerboel was bred and this information is good for tracking the behavior, status, inbreeding, and rating of such boerboels.  

   Only per-purchased boerboel puppies can be named by the person purchasing the boerboel and these names will also carry the kennel name along with the name chosen for the puppy.

   For example if you want to name your dog Max then you would add the name Boerboel Ranch to the name Max and it would appear as Boerboel Ranch Max. This can serve you as well as us in the future.  

   Some breeders say they breed for the health of the dog. We not only say this but we back it with the best guarantee on the market.

                                          Treat the dog right and the dog will treat you right

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