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                                         Treat the dog right and the dog will treat you right                                        


                                              A great big teddy bear would be the term to use

   The Boerboel has a natural instinct to guard and to protect. The boerboel is like a big teddy bear type of dog, the protector and yet very none aggressive and very trustworthy. Our boerboels will protect by watching everyone on the property because they are always watching over everything to make sure everything is okay. When someone comes onto the property you might hear a growl to let you know and at a distance you might hear a loud and very deep bark just to let everyone know someone or something is on the property.

   I have heard many things on many web sites that seem to be talking at you and not with you. My web site has done this and so I decided to change it.

                                   I do not agree with the following statement with no explanation

   Like any breed of dog it is not born knowing right from wrong and must be programmed by its owner in order to elicit the correct reactions.

   Boerboels are born with the natural instinct to guard and dominate or be the leader of the pack. So the boerboel is only reacting to things out of a natural reaction to what it sees and with just a little work and training can be taught to react or not to react in certain ways with ease. I am speaking from experience here because of my experience with working with several other breeds of dog and with a few boerboels including our boerboels. 

   When not properly socialized a boerboel can enforce the Alpha dog rule and thus leading to the boerboel enacting force over another dog in order to make the dog submit to the boerboel being the lead dog or the dog in charge. This is only natural to the breed and is not anything new to dogs in general as many dogs can be a dominate dog.

   So because it is in the nature of the breed it is not a behavior that is wrong just a natural behavior. So you see a boerboel is born knowing right from wrong only not the way we see things. This makes it very important to socialize your boerboel if you want your boerboel to be more of a house and play dog than a guard dog. Not that they will not guard you in the home because they will still do this as well.

   The boerboel is like any large breed of dog in that all breeders should be responsible enough to make sure not only people who can handle a large dog are the ones who are allowed to purchase the boerboel buy also make sure that people who cannot do not.

   The Boerboel is a very smart dog unlike most dogs and because of this should not be abused or hit in such a way as to hurt the dog. You only need to direct your boerboel in order to show or teach it what you want. If you ever have a need to scold your boerboel then do so once and after that do not continue as he should catch on to what he is doing wrong. What I mean here is if you have a boerboel not trained and it reacts to other dogs in a dominate way then take a rope and swat the dog one time not hurting the boerboel but in order to get its attention. Give the boerboel the command to stand down and the next time this happens only show the boerboel the rope and this should elicit the correct action you wish your boerboel to maintain. This is handling your boerboel with a firm hand but not being abusive. Be sure to pet and compliment your boerboel everytime you get the behavior you desire. I feed our boerboels good cooked meat as a prize for a job well done and they get lots of steak as well as other meats.

   To educate your boerboel from an early age is always a good thing because it is much easier to do. However I have found this breed to be highly trainable even at a much older age.  

          "I have seen this comment on many web sites and agree as long as the explination is given"   

   A Boerboel needs to be educated, not trained the hard way. This means you may never try to make it do things it doesn't like by forcing it. Give it confidence; show it with praise what you want and it will do it because it wants to please you. Never be brutal to a Boerboel, because it will destroy the relationship between you and your Boerboel, the bond between dog and owner, a bond of trust, mutual respect and devoted love. Be consistent in your education by setting rules and stick to them. The reason for this is that the Boerboel is very smart unlike other breeds of dog.

   I have found that when shown how to do something our Boerboels learn very well and sometime they learn from watching another dog or Boerboel. For this reason if your boerboel starts to learn a behavior not desired then right away redirect your boerboel and the boerboel will react to what you desire over that of the other dog. This is done with love by petting when the boerboel reacts and does what you want over that of the other dog. For example barking is something that can be taught by other dogs. Let your dog know you do not desire this beahavior unless as a warning of approaching stranger and such and this is what you will get. Here I am speeking from experience once again.

 When walking our two boerboels together either ranger or spygen can be commanded to walk to the outside and they will obey. This was done by teaching ranger first and then spygen by watching and instruction. She learned from watching ranger more so than the instruction and this was evident from the first time she volunteered to go to the outside. She slowed started to turn to the outside but looked back at me first as to ask permeation. I simply gave her the command and also gave ranger the command to walk inside. They both did as commanded and now I can walk them with, either one to the outside. This to me was a good thing to teach them because it allows me to maintain control over both of them easier. Why did this work in this way? Simple, spygen saw ranger was getting extra petting for good behavior and wanted this even though she did not show it this is your answer and is an example of how smart they are.  

   The next thing to teach them was not to react to other dogs barking or showing aggression but rather to trust me to either handle the situation or command them to guard. This command they are trained to simply observe and will guard against any attack. This of course would and is only used when another dog will not stop its approach from warnings from me, however this has never been a problem. I walk with a rope to swing around in the air in order to keep other dogs away and this I have found works great. On guard they are trained not to pursue but only observe and once the threat is gone to return to norm. Both of our Boerboels perform these duties very well and were really easy to teach.

                                                                        Working dog

                                                                         Pulling Dogs

   Contest are held every year for the breed and is a hobby by many boerboel owners. Boerboel's where used to till the ground by Boer Farmers for many years.

                                                                          Farm Dogs

   They do great on farms and are considered the farmers dog. They love to chase varmits such as rabbits, ground hogs and such.  

                                                                        Hunting Dogs

   Boerboel's make great hunters, as this is what they also had to be in a very unforgiving land. These days new terms have arisen to describe the boerboel, terms like Hog Dog or Rabbit Dog because the boerboel is capable of hunting animals like these with no problem and would consider this sport.

                                                             Aggression and Fierceness

   Breeds that are more aggressive then a boerboel by nature are too many to list however here are a few. The Akbash, Akita, Alaskan Husky, Blood Hound, Boxer, chow, English Bull dog, German sheppard (all sheppards), Golden Retriever, Irish setter, Kangal, Kie, Pit Bulls (all), Poodle, Pug, Rottweiler, Shih-tzu, Spitz, Spaniel, Terrier, and the Weimaraner are all more aggressive.

                                                                       Not Aggressive 

   The boerboel is more like the ultimate guard dog that will guard you while not showing aggression. The boerboel protects from danger out of love and will do so willingly and without pause. They can be taught to growl or even bark in order to warn off a potential threat and their devotion is not only to people but also to other animals such as cattle or horses if raised around such and shown to protect such. The boerboel is like the silent big guy lying in waiting yet always on guard. They love to play with kids and I have seen them play with me a bit harder while not putting its weight on a child. boerboels are very smart like this and the fact they are so smart is something that I think I love most about this breed.  

   While the boerboel is a mighty protector the boerboel is not aggressive to its pride. The pride of the boerboel is its family; its family is not limited to other boerboel's (its Pack). The family of a boerboel is whatever the boerboel is raised around. Animals such as a cat, cattle, horses, or other dogs can make up the pride of a boerboel. The owner of the boerboel and the owner's family would be considered the pride of a boerboel. The family of the owner is not limited as the pride because a friend of the family may also be considered as part of the pride.

   A boerboel should never be aggressive to other people unless they are considered a threat. A boerboel does not attack without care like with other breeds; it will attack because of caring for the safety of the family or flock such as the owners stock like the owner's family, livestock or cattle. For example; to this day leopards are dispatched on a regular bases on ranches in South Africa and on other ranches can guard against a pack of wolves. After doing this job they will return to the pride with all the love of a puppy.  

   Do not confuse aggression with fierceness, because aggression is to be or show aggression while fierceness is that which is while in the act. An Aggressive dog might attack someone or something without cause or reason while fierce is when a dog attacks something it can attack with fierceness. A fierce dog is not necessarily aggressive and not all aggressive dogs are fierce.

                                                                          War Dog

   Considered by most historians to be the best war dog of all time as their fierceness has been recorded by many kings, rulers, and war leaders. During any and every war ever recorded of the boerboel, the Boerboel has never been defeated by any other breed of dog, ever. In fact many of entire battalions of dogs have been lost trying to go against these dogs and many war leaders learned the hard way that this was not going to be the way to defeat these people. It is recorded that when Rome sent in 1,000 war dogs against approximately 300 boerboel's that the entire 1,000 Roman dog force was defeted.

                                                 Other breeds vs. a South African Boerboel

          (such a test will tell you if the boerboel is pure bred or not since no boerboel carries this)


     The following is a test not currently in use and I was the first to figure out could be used to test if a boerboel is pure bred or not within a great percentage.

   The boerboel does not carry the neurological disorder known as Spinocerebellar or Hereditary Ataxia while American and Stafford pit bulls do. Hereditary Ataxia is a nerological disorder that affects the brain and it is a hereditary. This is the main cause that makes a pit bull turn on its own pride or family and it usually affects the dog between the ages of 2 and 8 however it does not affect every single dog that carries the gene. The breeds most affected by this disorder are the American Pit Bull Terrier,  American Staffordshire Terrier, Brittany Spanial, Golden Setter, Old English Sheep Dog, Rottweilers, and the Scottish Terrier. 

                                      "I am currently looking into where these test can be done"

   Unlike many breeds of dog the boerboel is great with the whole family. The boerboel would protect the owner's family with its life as this is what its nature is. However mistreatment of the dog may alter its natural makeup. This brings us to our motto, treat the dog right and the dog will treat you right.

   The boerboel is considered a far superior dog over any other breed of dog by many of enthusiest and owners. The boerboel can be trusted with any member of the house hold where many other breeds can not. A boerboel is very smart and will go out of its way not to grab a person with its mighty jaws. The jaw bite of a boerboel is greater per square inch and over all than any breed of dog in the world and may be as great as a wolf. Only a Spotted Hyena may have a stronger jaw bite.  

   Here I was the first to discover and put together and post on the web or any publication an acurate idea of not only the jaw bite strength of the male boerboel but also compare it to a spotted hyena.

   The south African boerboel has the strongest jaw bite strength of any dog (Family Canidae) in the world. The boerboel is thought by me to be equal to or at least close to the Spoted Hyena (Family Hyaenidae) in jaw bite strength. A one year old female Boerboel puppy has about 680 lbs per square inch while a full grown male is thought by me to have around 800 plus. To give you an example a American Pit Bull averages 300 lbs per square inch and the closes jaw strength to a Boerboel is the English mastif at around 620 lbs. The boerboel is the only dog in the world known to be able to crush river rocks (8 x 3 inch) with its teeth. The presure required to break suck a river rock is 800 lbs on the average. Boerboel male can pop the rock putting the jaw bite strength of a male boerboel around 825 lbs to 850 lbs. This may also be why the mighty Boerboel is considered the King of all dogs. 

   I once saw a show that tested the strength of the skull of a Spotted Hyena and at 900 lbs per square inch the teeth shattered. At 925 lbs per square inch the jaw broke. Some so called field test have been done that show the Spotted Hyena with a 1000 lbs bite force however since the test I spoke of was done in a presure test facility, I do not belive this to be true. This therefore would suggest that this is the reason a boerboel can stand toe to toe with a Hyena since the jaw bite strength is so close in terms of raw power, and it would have to be, otherwise the boerboel would be no match for a Hyena.

   Now with all that talk of the days of old and how they can do this or that, the thing is this. A boerboel is and never was bred to be a fighting dog for the sole pourpose of fighting. It was bred for living with the family if need be. This being said they are the most loyal and loving breed of dog I have ever seen in my life or ever heard of.

   When the boer farmers bred this breed of dog they had to breed a dog that would never even be a threat to the family and guess what,,, this is what they produced. The greatest family protection and companion breed in this entire world.    


   The boerboel are very playful and affectionate toward their owners. They are very gentle and great with children. Boerboel's will allow kids to ride on their backs like a horse, loving every minute of the attention they are getting. They love to be petted and hugged and love to play with people. The Boerboel makes a great play mate for kids by its very nature. However this is not a dog to take to the park without its master. The boerboel can be over protective of the family and needs to be handled by its master at all times unless the child is able to maintain control over the boerboel. This is a common since issue here and it is a matter of common since that such a large dog would require proper supervision in order to protect the dog from unneeded danger.  

   The boerboels we own seem to never really tier of afection and attention from us. They live to be loved and love you back. They are some of the most gentle dogs in the world as far as the experiance we have had.   

   They will guard their family, friends and property with their life. When the owners are not home they will not allow anyone to enter the home, unless they know them very well. When welcomed visitors arrive they will accept them after being properly introduced. They are however, guard dogs, and will keep close watch over any house guest. However, the Boerboel can be trained to hold an intruder rather than to simply attack. The Boerboel should be easy to train and willing to perform whatever task it is assigned. The Boerboel can be trained to guard thoroubreds or livestock with out supervision or trained to hunt wild Boer or anything else. Their ability to withstand cold temperatures makes them a great hunting dog by nature much like the retrievers.

   A Boerboel reaches adulthood at the age of two years for females and two and a half to three for males. This means that a Boerboel comes into puberty when most other breeds are already adults. As a pup, it is very easy going and learns fast, which has put many an owner on the wrong foot, leaving him to believe he has a well-mannered dog, when all of a sudden, without any apparent reason, the dog becomes stubborn, tries to dominate and goes through a phase of being very uncertain and even of being afraid. Be patient, give your dog the time to grow up and this will pass. Do not allow your dog to make up the rules in your household because this would lead the boerboel to think he is incharge and then the boerboel might become aggresive if you dont do what he wants. This is the Alpha dog rule and is a must for most big aggressive dog breeds as well as the boerboel because of the wild pack dog within. Do not allow for misunderstanding here, while there is a person in charge such as the man of the house, then even when the master is away the boerboel will obey and protect the entire family.

                                                          Best guard dog in the world 

   The first thing the boerboel was bred for was to guard the dimond minds for the boer farmers as well as their families and livestock. They guard the minds for a people who own over 90% of the dimonds in the world and is the only breed considered for the job.

   Breed for over 350 years by the Boer-Farmers of South Africa to be just that. The boerboel is to this day the only breed of dog in the world that was breed specifically to be a family guard dog inside or outside. The boerboel by its very nature simply the best. 

   It is easy to say they are as protective as any other breed in the world because the boerboel seems to be born with a natural instinct to protect to where other breeds are not. The boerboel is born with a special and unique ability to detect when those it protects feels unsecure or is in stress about something and is well known for immediately going to the side of their loved ones. A boerboel will sit and observe while not being aggressive and yet all the while guarding and watching over their loved ones like a hawk to its pray. 

   It is believed that the boerboel, unlike any other breed of dog in the world, can detect the heart rythems from very long distance. In Colorado (U.S.A.) a breeder (to test the theory) took his boerboel 350 yards from the house and had a friend bring over another friend his wife did not like. As soon as the unliked friend approached the wife the boerboel showed reaction by turning its ears up and standing firm. The guy let the boerboel go and the boerboel ran to the wife and sat down right next to her and smiled with his toungue hanging out. This shows a great distance as well as how a boerboel will protect without the other person even knowing. A boerboel will just sit quietly and watch like if nothing is happening at all however, the boerboel is guarding and protecting. This is the true nature of the boerboel!

   A boerboel when guarding livestock or cattle will perform its task as though nothing else existed and will guard tirelessly with impunity. Boerboel's are also very smart and can be trained for any type of guard duty so when all of the great features are combined the boerboel simply has no competition when laying claim to the world's top guard dog and family protector. 

   Boerboel's are being used by ranchers to protect and guard their livestock such as cattle or thoroubreds. The boerboel is the most sought after dog for the use of guarding cattle and thorobreds around the world.  

   The dog with no fear is one phrase used to describe boerboel's due to its willingness to fight to the death to protect. The boerboel through out history carries the sole legend of being the only dog in the world willing and able to take on a lion one on one and not even a Spotted Hyena is willing to do this very often.

   Here I was not the first by far to know however I was the first to my knowledge to post this information via the Internet

   A boerboel is well known for being better then a gun when it comes to protecting the family because it reacts quicker then you and has a skull and chest plate that can withstand small arms fire making this dog a force for any home invader. And yes, we do have proof of this as seen on the head of our stud male Ranger (Spitsvuur Teorie) as his massive head skull has saved his life more then once.

                                                                 Rare and Trustworthy

   Rare dog; the boerboel is a rare dog and in the 70's was on the brink of extinction. It is still one of the rarest dogs in the world however due to its great abilities this is changing. The boerboel is on its way in America to replacing many breeds as the home and family protector and is at the forefront of becoming the best known family guard dog in the world. However most people I talk to have never heard of the boerboel, the only dog that guards to worlds best diamond minds. This is perhaps one of the best secrets not quarantined by the diamond mind owners (de bore).

   Trustworthy; The boerboel can be trusted with any member of the family and is considered the most trustworthy breed of any of the large breeds of dogs. You can also count on this breed to protect as in the family and or cattle, livestock, or horses. When I say protect I do mean depending on the foe and training of the boerboel, a boerboel will take down (super fast) any person or animal such as a wolf, bobcat, or larger animal trying to hurt, steel or otherwise do harm to its family or that which it is assigned to protect, and will not hesitate to do so. 

                                                                  Keeping a Boerboel 

   The first rule of keeping and owning a boerboel is that the boerboel is a pack dog. This comes from when it was still a wild dog and ran in a pack like a wolf. The rules of a pack are like that of a wolf in that there is always only one alpha male in charge. As a boerboel owner it is very important to know this because the boerboel must have an alpha male or female in charge. You cannot let a boerboel think it is the alpha dog or it can become some what aggressive or disobedient. This means that as the owner you must be the alpha dog, the one in charge. 

   The way to keep in charge of a boerboel is to be firm with the dog, keeping the rules simple and always the same so there is no misunderstanding of just what the rules are. And as far as being a pack dog this is more of a gift and it is what allows the boerboel to have all the great qualities that is has such as protection, its senses, and intelligence.  

   The South African mastiff can make an excellent companion for the right family and situation, and as you can see, this is a breed that has a lot to offer!


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