Our Boerboel Pictures 

                               Introducing Ranger our first stud Boerboel  

                                   Ranger's first day in his new kennel 

                              Ranger checking me out for the first time 

         Ranger minds very well 

             Got some Goodies   

                                                           Swim time 

                                                           Walk time  

                                                            Play time  

                            Introducing Spygen our first female Boerboel

             This girl can cut a 180 like I have never seen a dog do before 

This is a great shot of Spygen's natural brindle patern markings, she has perfect markings, muscle and this is a natural color pattern for the breed

                                     Spygen done took over the couch

                                                        This is love 

                    Ranger and Spygen are like a married couple

                                                       Together time  

                                                          Loves time  

                                                         Walk time  

                                                          Play time  

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