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                                         Treat the dog right and the dog will treat you right


   Here at boerboel Ranch we are dedicated to breeding pure breed boerboel’s. We believe the boerboel to be the best personal guard dog in the world. We have decided to breed the boerboel and to help the different brindle pattern's to be preserved. The boerboel is able to take on Lion's and even win on occasion and as well defeat any puma, leopard, or wolf in the world. The boerboel has no match among dog breeds and this is due to its super size, athletic ability, and overall strength including the fact that it has the strongest jaws in the world of any breed of dog. In fact the boerboel may have as strong of a jaw as a Spotted Hyena. We do not fight our dogs and discourage any one from doing so.   

   The boerboel should be a trust worthy companion around the whole family. This should be natural within the breed and with the proper treatment of the dog. A boerboel can since when you or a member of the family is in destress (Even at a long distance of over 300 yards) and will run to that persons side.

The Boerboel is still a very rare breed of dog and it is because of this we have chosen to help this breed become more popular breed through good sound breeding principals. By breeding the Boerboel as trustworthy companion we hope that the Boerboel becomes a house hold name.

   The fact that the well pure bred boerboel has never been known to turn on its owners unless being beaten is an amaizing trait for such an amaizing dog. In fact this is the main reason I fell in love with this breed of dog and one of the reasons that I decided to start breeding the mighty boerboel.

                                          About Our First two boerboel's

   Ranger has such a high pedigree no one has been able to produce a boerboel with a higher pedigree and if he is not the number one pedigree boerboel in the world his pedigree is within the top 1%.

   Ranger has exceptional offspring with males weighing as much as 165 or more, lean. Ranger's offspring all carry the boerboel ridge on there backs. Even though Ranger does not have the ridge on his back he still carries the gene and passes it on to his offspring. Ranger has never taken to any female before like he has taken to Spygen and even looks to protect her, and the most unlikely pair will be bred in December of 2011 naturally. If they cannot be bred naturally we will not bred them because we believe in 100% natural breeding.

   Spygen has never been bred however she has an exceptional line with an exceptional dark brindle pattern, her dark brindle pattern is as great as the history of the breed itself, and she is both strong and fast, very fast. She is an Alpha female that was thought to be too aggressive to breed. We received her and in three weeks she proved not to be aggressive and has even submitted to Ranger, this is a first for her.

   These are two breeding boerboel's that have direct linkage to South Africa itself. They are two of the top boerboel's in the United States and are going to produce magnificent offspring. These are the kind of offspring legends are made of such as in thoroubreds.

   Ranger is a super rare white maske boerboel and is listed as a yellow mask boerboel. His listed name is Spitsvuur Teorie. Ranger is not only at the top 1% of the pedigree list with a super perdigree history witch to this day is carried on. One such Grandfather of Ranger is known to have saved the family daughter from a south African Lion by intercepting the Lion and killing it. This same boerboel is also known to have taken down a south African Buffalo (Bull). The pedigree list is covered with great breeding boerboel from start to finnish and Ranger carries this tradition on. With great natural breeding Ranger will put out super pup's for which to help keep the boerboel the top dog in the world we know. We are lucky to have this great boerboel.

   Our female is named Spygen and her listed name is Geranen's Spygen. Spygen is listed with the USBA (Blackwell's Association). Her pedigree is as healthy as it gets in the world of Boerboels and she is also a top pedigree boerboel.

   Both our boerboel's are naturally well bred boerboel's. With two well bred boerboel's and two great pedigree blood lines we plan to be able to offer the best Health Guarantee in the world.

                                                      How we Breed

   We breed with breed quality boerboel's only and we also choose only healthy boerboel's. All of our boerboel's that we breed receive a full veterinarian check up before breeding and this includes making sure all shots are up to date and checking them for any and all possible problems that may or may not be corrected.

   If a boerboel is not healthy to breed is not bred. If any boerboel has any issue that cannot be corrected it is not bred. All of our boerboel's are not bred until we feel they are ready and the boerboel is cleared by a veterinarian for breeding.

   We breed for quality in health before all things. So many breeders say they breed for the health of the breed however unless the boerboel's bred are not only breed quality with good sound pedigrees but also good sound healthy pedigrees this is not possible.

   We integrate proper breed quality bloodlines through our breeding stock. The only thing we will try to breed out will be poor health as any good breeder would or should do. The Boerboel should have a great temperament around the family and at the same time should be able to protect the family.  

   The only selective breeding we do is to add to or better the breed from within the breed itself, not to take anything away from what the breed is, Great.

   The Boerboel has a duty to perform and must have the abilities to perform this duty. In order to provide you with a boerboel this is the only way to do it. To do anything else would be providing you with something other than a boerboel and our intent is to provide you with a boerboel for what it is in every since of the word.

   By incorporating great blood lines with color patterns the color patters of the boerboel can be maintained. With a very custom, unique, and slick looking body structure the Boerboel should look as great as it is. While some breeders ignore this attribute we do not. We will not simply throw a bunch of dogs together to breed because we want to help with the health and looks of the breed. The structure of the boerboel should be a sound athletic structure, one that is able to take on a Baboon or a lion if needed. So with this in mind would you want a boerboel breed with less in mind? If your answer is no, then you have come to the right place, Boerboel Ranch.

   We wait for the blood of the female in heat to turn purple before we put the two dogs together and we allow the two to breed until the purple has stopped which can be from 2-3 days. We feed our dogs well and also feed them whey protein and vitamins. 

   Whey protein for the male serves to help the male maintain his health and weight. For the female whey protein will help her when she becomes pregnant greatly. 

   Vitamins for the male serves to help the male maintain his health, temperment, and attention issues. For the female this will do the same things and also will keep her during and after pregnancy as well as to keep her from eating her puppies. Some breeders think this is a genetic issue however it is really a vitamin deficiency that causes this to occur.    

                                                How we Do Not breed

   We only breed high quality worthy boerboel's and we do not breed other dogs and claim they are from a dog that they are not. We will never breed a home quality dog and sell its pups for cheap because this is counter to what our goals are when breeding for quality.

   We do not breed other dogs and claim they are the pups from a higher rated dog, we have heard of this and think that is just so wrong.

   We do not breed home quality dogs and sell their pups for cheap because we are breeding high quality boerboel's and we are concerned about the health of the breed. If you are looking for a less bred boerboel than this is not the place for you so you might want to keep looking because we will not breed home quality boerboel's just to sell them for less money. This is something not hard to find because there are lots of breeders doing this. This is were some quality breeders can go out of business by trying to match the price of less quality boerboel's while all the while purchasing higher quality for more money.

   We sell our pup's for a fair price but not for a cheap price. The difference will be when the two pup's grow up, the less quality bred boerboel may be more aggresive and will have a much harder time with an opponent while the well bred boerboel will have a great temperment and not have a problem with the same opponent. This is where we will differ from other breeders because we will not compromise the quality for the sake of getting a litter to sell to you.  

   We do not breed any dog that is not in great health, and I am not talking about just good health I am saying we only breed boerboel's in the best of health.

   We do not breed to breed any of the qualities out of the boerboel such as fierceness or dominance because these are common traits that make up the breed. In some breeds like the Great Dane we have seen this take place and a less quality dog has emerged. Also we do not breed to change the size of the boerboel as this is not good for the breed in terms of health as seen with other breeds.

   The boerboel is regaining its original size at this time and this can be seen as the offspring seems to be bigger with each breeding done by the breeders. This is done with quality breeding not cross breeding.

   As already stated we will not breed to breed fierceness out of the boerboel because we do not want stupid dogs and to breed any fierceness out of a boerboel would make the boerboel something other than a boerboel, something less then what it is. A boerboel is the best guard dog in the world and to breed out the fierceness would make the boerboel anything but a guard dog. This is simply redundant and if this is what you want then I suggest that you keep looking because we only breed pure bred boerboel's here not half bred boerboel's.

   We will not breed any boerboel with a natural over aggression because this is a trait that can be passed on and even though it is rare to find a aggressive boerboel it is possible. No breeder of any quality would breed any aggressive boerboel because this was never the practice of the Boer Farmers who originally bred the boerboel. The word boerboel means a whole lot of dog, not aggressive dog, so with this in mind we will not be breeding any aggressive dogs as this is not the nature of the breed as a norm.

   We do not put down our breeding dogs when we are done breeding them as we have heard some breeders do. It is not humane and a good home can be found for such a dog as well as the fact that they just make great pets.

   We will not over breed the female boerboel's because this wears them out and is not good for their health. To breed a female every six months does not give them time to heal properly all of the time. We have decided that we will breed one female only one time per year and not twice. Our intention is to keep a good enough breeding stock to allow us to breed twice per year for that breeding category if needed. What I mean is that if we choose to breed the tan color twice in a year then this would be done using two separate tan female boerboel's.

   We will never cross breed a boerboel because that is just stupid and to cross breed a boerboel serves no purpose what so ever. To try to breed a boerboel with another breed will not increase the dog ability in any way however it will lower the boerboel's abilities. The boerboel already stands alone as the top breed of domesticated canine so there is quite simply no reasons to cross breed a boerboel with any other breed of canine.

   We will not be doing Artificial Insemination because we have seen to many boerboel's being bred with known problems. Many boerboel's with Vaginal Prolapse and other known issues are being bred by some breeders who say they are doing no wrong by breeding a dog that will pass such traits on to the puppies. We will never breed any boerboel with any issue that will be passed onto the offspring and this is our promise to you. 

   With this said... Artificial Incemination done by a vet sergicaly has proven to be okay and if needed would be acceptable because there are times when this must be done such as a female coming into heat and a breeder who has agreed to provide stud services may not then be able to... In such a case another stud dog may be needed and there may not be time to introduce the pair...

        ( Sergical Incimination done by a vet is the only type of incemination we would not have issues with )

                                          Tail Docking and Ear Cropping

   We do not dock the tail because the tail is a great way to tell the dogs health and it is part of the dog. However if this is something you want done, we will have the tail docking done by a vet on pre-purchased pups and the price will be added to the bill.

                 (Ear cropping is no longer offered by us because it is just to crule and painful to the puppy)  

   All tail docking and ear cropping should be done by us or the vet for the safety of the dog. The reason for this is because all tail docking and ear cropping must be done by a certain age.    

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